Company Profile

Our Mission

The Adventure Network is committed to the installation, training and inspection of high quality challenge courses  and adventure programming that is safe, fun and meets the specific needs of our clients.

Our Values

Experience:  You can expect your challenge course to be built and inspected by one of our professional and experienced staff.  Each of our installers/inspectors brings over 15 years of experience in the field, and has installed well over 200 challenge courses and climbing structures in over 30 states nationwide.

Quality:  Founded in 1986, we are an accredited professional vendor member (PVM) of the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and are fully insured.  All installation and repairs meet or exceed current ACCT standards.  Our trainers and builders have degrees and experience in education and counseling, enabling them to develop a program which meets your particular needs and maximizing the benefits to your clients.

Customization:  The installation and design of your challenge course is a collaborative project.  Our clients are involved in the design effort, insuring their clients’ needs will be met.

Commitment:  A challenge course is much more than trees, ropes, and cables.  The true value of a challenge course is in the quality of facilitation provided to its participants.  We are committed to training your staff so they can deliver outstanding challenge course programs.

Programs:  We are committed to providing our clients with safe, fun and rewarding experiential programming. Whether we are working on a challenge course, a rock face or in a classroom our clients can expect a collaborative program that is fun, but focuses on the goals of the organization or school.

Guarantee:  We guarantee that the materials and workmanship of your climbing tower or challenge course will be sound and of high quality. We stand behind our work and will strive to ensure that our clients are provided with a challenge course that is safe, fun and appropriate for the groups that they work with.