Colleges and Universities

The Adventure Network offers experiential and adventure training programs to colleges and universities which enhance the impact of existing orientation, leadership, and other programs.  Experiential and adventure programs offer a way to engage participants and build enthusiasm that traditional approaches often find difficult.

Resident Assistant Training Programs
Using active, experienced‐based problem solving initiatives, students and/or staff are challenged in a fun and interactive environment.  RA Training programs allow staff to explore and develop their own style of leadership in a forum in which experimentation is safe. Common issues that can be highlighted are leadership, team building, trust among peers, collaborative decision‐making, conflict resolution, and the impact of diversity on community. Programs can be done at our site using a high or low challenge course or at your site using portable challenge initiatives.

Adventure Orientation/Leadership/Recreation Programs
This program allows new and returning students the opportunity to meet and get to know a group of his/her peers before starting school.  Activities are used as a springboard and metaphor for the development of relationships, and, therefore, lead to discussions which relate to significant issues. Programs last from one to five days in length and may include rock climbing, challenge courses, whitewater rafting, canoeing, orienteering/Geo‐caching, or other outdoor activities.