Training and Certification Available

The Adventure Network hosts our “open training” twice a year for individuals and small groups.  Participants can choose to complete ACCT based certification (Level I or II) or attend only the days needed for your program and client needs.



Any practitioners looking to complete Level II certification (or challenge-in for Level I) must submit a portfolio of training and facilitation experience at least 1 week prior to testing.  A link to a sample portfolio from the ACCT is available here.  Although this specific format is not required, the information contained must match your portfolio.  Call our office with questions.

The Adventure Network offers professional training and certification courses for challenge course facilitators.  School teachers and camp staffs alike need training for proper utilization of a challenge course and/or teambuilding program.  We offer on-site training programs that allow your staff practice on their own courses with the equipment they use on a day-to-day basis.  Typical training duration and group size is below.

For supervisors or those wishing to learn a bit more, we offer certification courses accredited by the ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology).  These courses range from a couple days to a full week (depending on experience level).  Details on requirements and standards for certification can be found here.

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Recommended Training Duration Guidelines

  • Participants with little or no experience
    • High ropes (medium size course) – 3 days training
    • 1 additional day for highly dynamic element. (zip, giant swing etc.)
    • Climbing tower – 1 day training
    • Low ropes – 2 days (medium to large course)

The ropes course supervisor on the course should have additional rescue training and experience.

  • Participants with experience (such as one or more camp seasons)
    • Programs are customized


Recommended Training Group Size Guidelines

  • Participants with little or no experience (based on 1 trainer)
    • High ropes – up to 10 participants
    • Climbing tower – up to 12 participants
    • Low ropes – 8-14 participants

For groups larger than the recommended amount additional trainers can be added at an additional charge.

  • Participants with experience (such as one or more camp seasons)
    • Programs are customized